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The mission of California Alliance for Response is to put in place the necessary processes, resources and people to ensure preservation of the cultural property, libraries, and archives in California in the event of major emergencies, including earthquakes, floods, fires, or terrorist attacks.
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Local News

The San Diego County Office of Emergency Services (OES) hosted meetings of the San Diego County Cultural and Historic Resources (SDCCHR) group on November 11, 2012, and January 17, 2013, to learn more about county emergency operations in relation to disaster response and recovery for libraries, museums, and all cultural and historic resources in the region. The SDCCHR group strives to be as inclusive as possible and a broad definition of CHR has been endorsed.
The January meeting held at the San Diego County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) included a briefing on the EOC and its relationship to local, State and Federal EOCs, requests for resources, the Standardized Emergency Management System, and the National Incident Management System, as well as the various functions served by the EOC. With a basic understanding of the big picture, the majority of the meeting was focused on the role CHR will have when the EOC is activated, how to convey institutional emergency resource needs to the EOC, and how a survey of county CHR will be used. The SDCCHR survey was discussed at the meeting with countywide rollout starting in late January. Several scenario situations were presented to help visualize how to interact with the EOC and how the survey information will be used. A Google Group has been established for the SDCCHR and will be used as a communication tool for CHR.
For more information contact Julie Page, California Preservation Program.

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California Alliance for Response is a partnership between the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (OES), the California Preservation Program, the Heritage Emergency National Task Force, the Cultural Property Protection Group, National Archives and Records Administration, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, UC San Diego, and Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories.