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The 2009 Forum revived interest in the pre-established Vermont Emergency Response Team for Cultural Institutions (VERTCI). Team members and new recruits will receive training to better prepare them to aid Vermont institutions during emergencies. The Alliance for Response steering committee has been invited to participate in a statewide disaster exercises, and the group is working with the Vermont Emergency Management Agency to organize Citizen Emergency Response Team (CERT) training for cultural heritage staff.
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Vermont Alliance for Response is part of the new Vermont Cultural Heritage and Art Recovery Team (VCHART). Its members include curators, conservators, librarians, archivists, municipal clerks, and emergency responders. To learn more click here.

Click here to find useful materials from Vermont’s 2009 Kick-off Forum.

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  • For the latest on AFR networks view our most recent News Brief for Spring 2013.
  • Heritage Preservation is pleased to announce there will be three new forums in 2013 thanks to generous support by the National Endowment for the Humanities. If you would like to get involved, contact us
  • AFR networks have been keeping busy this winter. To find a summary of their activity please read our latest quarterly news brief.
  • Throughout the country, members of Alliance for Response have been representing cultural institutions at stakeholder events for the National Disaster Recovery Framework. Visit FEMA’s Web site to attend the next stakeholder event.
  • The final 2011 Alliance for Response Kick-off Forum was held in Salt Lake City, Utah with more than 80 cultural managers and emergency managers. Click here for more information about this forum.  
  • The Galveston-Houston Area Alliance for Response Forum was held on July 29, 2011 at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. Click here for more information about this exciting summer Forum.
  • The second Alliance for Response National Leadership Institute was held on July 20, 2011 in Denver, CO. Click here for a meeting summary.