Lessons Applied: Katrina and Cultural Heritage

Lessons Applied

In October 2006, the Heritage Emergency National Task Force launched a “Lessons Applied” initiative designed to help Task Force members develop and implement projects to address the major issues that Katrina and other major storms brought to light. The goal was to convert analysis to action. Solutions were developed in five issue areas:

Tools are posted here to aid libraries, archives, museums, historic sites, and historic preservation and arts organizations in disaster preparedness and recovery.

May Day Logo 2009 - Heritage
MayDay. MayDay is an annual event that encourages cultural institutions to undertake one simple emergency preparedness task. Click on the logo for a list of suggested MayDay activities and promotional materials. (Web page)
Tips Poster
Tips for Working with Emergency Responders. This handy poster tells how to find and build relationships with local emergency responders, as well as what responders need to know to better protect cultural institutions.
Nav Guide Cover
Guide to Navigating FEMA and SBA Disaster Aid for Cultural Institutions. This concise Web site leads cultural institutions through the process of applying to the Small Business Administration (SBA) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for assistance after major disasters. Links put necessary paperwork at the user’s fingertips. (Web site)
Web page
Recommended Professional Emergency Management Training. The free courses listed in this resource teach cultural heritage staff and volunteer teams about local, state, and federal disaster response frameworks already in place, as well as standard protocols and terminology. (Web page)
web page 2
Foundation Grants for Preservation in Libraries, Archives, and Museums. This free downloadable publication produced jointly by the Library of Congress and the Foundation Center lists 1,944 grants of $5,000 or more awarded by 488 foundations from 2004 through 2009. It covers grants for activities related to conservation and preservation.

For a summary of recommendations, click here. For a list of panel members, click here. Would you like to help us spread the news? A press release in Microsoft Word is here.

Lessons Applied is a project of the Heritage Emergency National Task Force, co-sponsored by Heritage Preservation and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. This initiative was made possible by grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Bay and Paul Foundations.